Scrambled eggs with white lyophilized truffles

Frittata - scrambled eggs with White Lyophilized Truffles

 moderately demanding    20 min    4 people


Whisk the eggs with half a jar of fresh lyophilized truffles, add salt and pepper. Soak the remaining lyophilized truffles in 0,5 dl of water. Puor some olive oil in a heated pan on medium heat, add the eggs and stir slowly until they become thick and creamy. Add the remaining lyophilized truffles and truffle butter and serve.

4 servings

8 Eggs
to taste Salt
to taste Pepper
2 g Lyophilized white truffles – chopped
0,5 ml Water
0,5 ml Extra virgin olive oil Istarska Bjelica
80 g Butter with white truffles

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