Proper storage of fresh truffles requires attention and care, but every bite of any delicacy prepared with them will prove once again that all the effort pays off.

Zigante truffles

A precious underground fungus

Effort that pays off

After picking, fresh truffles should first be thoroughly cleaned with a gentle brush (like a soft toothbrush) under running cold water to remove the soil. Truffles are sensitive organisms that dehydrate and lose their scent, so it is best to eat them as soon as possible. Since moisture is the biggest enemy of truffles, it is best to wrap dried truffles in a clean paper towel before and during use, seal them well in a container and store them in the refrigerator door.

By changing the paper towel daily, this method of storage ensures the high quality of the prized white truffle. When the truffle becomes soft, it should be consumed immediately as this is a sign that it has reached its final stage of ripeness.

Intense aroma

Every dish becomes
a gourmet treat

Black truffles can be frozen in the freezer if you want to store them for a long time. They can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months, although they will lose some of their flavour. They can be frozen in two ways: individually wrapped in foil and a vacuum bag or packed in plastic bags with olive oil, ensuring no contact with air. Frozen truffles do not need to be thawed before use – finely grated frozen truffles will be melted by the heat of the food.

Black truffles can also be left in the fridge for 2 to 3 days in a bowl with fresh eggs. The yolks will be permeated by the aroma of truffles, and the “ordinary” omelette will turn into a gourmet delicacy. Fresh truffles should be well grated and mixed with butter and then freeze the resulting truffle butter in small portions that are practical to use.

You should by no means dry truffles in a home dehydrator because a large part of the truffle flavour will be lost due to the heat and the longevity of the process. The same goes for home canning which quickly takes away the flavour of thermosensitive truffles.