The Zigante family

The Zigante family has always been
closely connected … with each other and with truffles!

Giancarlo Zigante

Truffle magnet

Inherited passion
for truffles

Already when he was working as a toolmaker and dreaming of inventing a machine that would become famous all over the world, Giancarlo would go to the woods after work to enjoy some truffling. He saw it mostly as a simple way to relax after a day of hard work, but people would say that he was practically a magnet for truffles. One day he found as many as 6 kilograms of truffles! At that time, it was mostly his relatives and friends that enjoyed the rich haul he brought home, of course.

Improving the status of Istrian truffles

The story
goes on

The real defining moment for the entire family happened that November, however, on the day Giancarlo and his dog Diana found a white truffle in the forest near Motovun that weighed an incredible 1,310 grams. The gigantic truffle named Millenium was entered in the Guinness Book of Records and inspired the entire Zigante family to continuously strive to improve the status of Istrian truffles ever since..

Today, the company Zigante tartufi that has been founded by Giancarlo in 1992, is run by the next generation – his daughter Antonella and sons Adriano and Marino.