Truffles in Istria

The truffle should only be cleaned a few minutes before using it, under coldwater with a small brush. As the truffle’s quite delicate, you don’t want to lose precious chunks of it, so be sure to clean the truffle gently.

To get the most out of them, it’s best served as simply as possible—not cooked, but grated or finely slicedover a warm dish, which brings out its aroma. Ideal with pasta, rice, eggs, raw meat dishes and fish dishes. To appreciate the taste of the truffle at its best it should be consumed as soonas possible (in a few days).

Wrap each truffle in paper without removing the ground dirt. Changethe wrapping every day. Storein the fridge (+2°C/+4°C) in a container which must be kept open to allow the truffle to “breathe”. The aroma released during the maturation tends to be absorbed by milk, butter, cheese and eggs stored near the truffle.

Tuber Borchii

“cousin” of the White Magnatum Pico truffle

Tuber borchii 

  • Season: from January to April
  • Origin: Istria
  • Tuber borchii is an edible truffle with excellent culinary qualities, commonly called bianchetto. It is also known as the “cousin” of the White Magnatum Pico truffle. The aroma of Bianchetto is light at the beginning, then tends to garlic tones later on. The flavor is a bit spicy with mushroom notes.
  • Borchii has a smooth and clear rind, the nuances of the coating range from light ocher to dark orange. It is used to flavor traditional recipes and menus, amazing for first courses of meat and fish. 
Tuber Aestivum

Fresh Summer Truffle

Tuber Aestivum

  • Discover The Delicate Flavour And Aroma Of Fresh Summer Truffle-Tuber Aestivum.
  • Season: from May till October
  • Origin: Istria
  • Tuber Aestivum, also known as summer truffle connects with roots of several trees: oak, beech, poplar, hazel, pine and linden. Dark on the outside and with a pronounced pyramidal bark, its main difference from the Tuber Melanosporum lies on the inside, which is cream-coloured with hazel tones. Less perfumed and flavourful than the winter truffle, with a gentler aroma. The summer truffle is an exceptional gourmet product and more affordable than Tuber Melanosporum. It has a milder flavour and offers a wide range of culinary possibilities. It is the perfect complement to meat, fish and pasta dishes, as well as seasonal products and salads.

Fresh Black Truffle

Tuber Uncinatum

Discover Tuber Uncinatum

  • Season: from September to January
  • Origin: Istria
    Tuber Uncinatum is the most widespread edible truffle in Europe.
    Molecularly it is equal to Aestivum but it prefers shady places and it thus differs in flavour, scent and spore morphology. The ripening time is between September and January.
  • Colour and inner mass:
    The fleshy inner mass (gleba) of a ripe Tuber Uncinatum is firm and dark brown, streaked with many thin white lines which do not change their colour in contact with air. Their skin (peridium) is dark and less rough than the skin of Aestivum. It is pleasant in flavour and scent and tastes better than a summer truffle.
Tuber Uncinatum

Fresh White Truffle

Tuber Magnatum Pico

  • Discover the king of all truffles!
  • Season: from October to December
  • Origin: Istria
  • The Istrian white truffle Tuber Magnatum Pico is one of the most renowned in the world, and gourmets and culinary connoisseurs are increasingly attracted by this amazing truffle. It is the most exclusive edible truffle in the world. Magnatum Pico connects with roots of poplar, willow, hazel, oak and hazel trees and the time of its harvest is very short – from October to December. Its skin (peridium) is smooth and ochre yellow or olive yellow in colour, and sometimes it can reveal a more rustic cracked area or light red spots. The gleba (fleshy inner mass) is firm and soapy in structure, at the beginning whitish and then pale yellow, ochre brown, reddish brown, streaked with many thin white lines.
  • Intensive in scent and strong but pleasant in flavour.
Tuber Magnatum Pico
Tuber Melanosporum

Fresh Black Winter Truffle

Tuber Melanosporum

  • Discover Tuber Melanosporum
  • *The price depends of the availability of the daily harvest.
  • Season: from November to March
  • Origin: Istria
  • Tuber Melanosporum is the scientific name for Black Truffles, also known as the most prestigious black truffle.
  • Melanosporum has a globose shape with brown-black rind and reddish-black flesh, furrowed by light and thin veins, very ramified. It is considered the most valuable of the different variants of Black Truffle and has an exquisite taste that manifests itself more clearly after cooking. It refines the taste of fish, meat, pasta dishes and soups, providing a more intense aroma as it is heated.